The Middle Class Needs To Have More Children

It’s a case of simple statistics. Groups of people that have more children will pass along their cultural values to the next generation. Groups of people that do not have children will not pass along cultural values to the next generation. If the trend continues, the high fertility groups will come to define “American culture” in the decades to come.

And right now, a single mom on welfare produces more children than a young, married, professional woman. This means that the next generation will be more likely to be dependent on government assistance rather than their own hard work, unlike the children of middle class families. The next generation will also be more likely to have fatherless homes, degenerate morals, and low-trust communities.

The strain this will cause both economically and culturally will be dramatic, but it will happen gradually enough that one might not notice if they don’t pay close enough attention. Social Security will become a more and more pressing issue as fewer people will be left to produce enough to sustain it in its current form. Christianity and Christian values will continue their decline, and the fruits that Christianity brought to America will decline as well.

America as our founders envisioned it will decay, unless action is taken to reverse course. Increasing middle class birth rates is just one of many steps that must be taken.

On an individual level, middle class Americans must be willing to have more kids. Period. They need to stop buying into Leftist lies that having a large family takes away the fun in life and is bad for the environment. Middle class people are the only people who buy into this, and will forgo having children out of genuine moral concern for their society and the environment. The mothers on welfare who continue to have kids for the financial benefits are typically the type of individual who doesn’t care about anything besides the government money she is being given, and so appeals to morality only decrease the birth rates of generally moral groups of people.

On an institutional level, legislators must make it more difficult for people to have children simply for a welfare check. Perhaps the money that is saved by slashing those benefits can go towards promoting families in the middle class. Increasing paid maternity leave could be a policy championed by pro-family conservatives. It would be a much better investment than a multi-trillion dollar war in the Middle East.

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